Monday, January 18, 2010

Labia Pics :S Is It Normal To Have This Size Labia?

:S Is it normal to have this size labia? - labia pics

My lips are much larger than in the pictures that I've ever seen. And instead of the usual pink color, the more of a dead brown.
In addition, the area above my clitoris a little .. Chubby and Fat
: S?


Vortex said...

They come in various shapes and sizes and colors, everything is normal! Most of the images you see are air or brushes or girls were chosen simply because they like it. Do not worry, everything is normal, All Right!

John Jones, the Florida Gyn said...

Believe me as someone who really knows ....

People are different, have different kinds of ears, nose, skin color, face, pattern of hair.

Even in the face personal effects. I'm not really the patient, of course, but I can almost guarantee that with 100% certainty that they are completely normal. I am sure they are good.

Just a hunch, you are very young? :)

John Jones, MD

Almost a college grad!!! said...

All the women come in different shapes and sizes available. Although not lately changed in shape and size are completely normal.

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